Oscar Leaving Chicago

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It’s a sad day in Chicago, folks. RS Owens, the company that has been manufacturing the statuettes for the Academy Awards for the past 30 years, has lost the contract to a rival firm in New York.

The company, however, will still continue to repair existing awards, as well as manufacture awards for the technical and scientific categories.

All is not lost, though, as RS Owens will still continue to produce the Emmy statuettes.


House of Delegates Screening

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Still in San Diego for the American Bar Association’s mid-year meeting. Today is the final day of the conference which is also when the house of delegates assembles to vote on a number of resolutions. It’s also when the President of the ABA addresses the house on a number topics, including initiatives being undertaken by their office.

For the past several months, I’ve been working on a video that will be a part of a toolkit for judges as an initiative of the current President. As such, the video screened following the President’s speech.


It was very fulfilling seeing my hard work on the screen in front of the house. The feedback received was excellent. I’m just glad it’s all over now! Check out the video below.

San Diego

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Today is my first day in San Diego for the American Bar Association’s mid-year conference. I’ll be here for the next five days producing, shooting and editing various videos. I’m not going to have much time for sightseeing, but I could certainly get used to all this warmth and sunshine during the winter months!

Next Prosper Feature

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I’m back in metro Detroit! I’m here shooting some video for the latest Prosper feature. The video will spotlight several new breweries that have popped up in southeast Michigan in the past year. Fingers crossed I get to do a little taste testing. :)


57th Annual Emmy Awards Ceremony

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While I didn’t win the category I was nominated for, last night was such an amazing experience!

I got to walk the red carpet, I was interviewed during the pre-show festivities (and subsequently bonked on the nose with the mic), had some delicious food and drinks and met a lot of wonderful people, including Tom Skilling!

Check out some of the highlights below!

The bonk heard round the world.
Emmy host Pat Tomasulo hits the streets of Pilsen to see how excited residents are for the 57th annual Chicago/Midwest Emmy Awards. Bottom line? Not so much.
In the latest installment of Noticias De Mi Corazon, Antonio Gutierrez Garcia Elgas, Zoraida Teresa Tellez de Martinez-Baca and Ana Belaval shake down the competition in a search for the missing Emmy.

Tonight’s the Big Night!

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Tonight’s the big night! I’m running around like a mad man, trying to get things done before the awards ceremony, like finding a nice pair of cufflinks and some shiny, patent leather shoes to go with my tux. Hope I have enough time to do everything!

The awards ceremony will be broadcast tonight at 7pm on CLTV. Live streaming will also be available at chicagoemmyonline.org.

Keep an eye out for my on the red carpet and wish me luck!

I’m Nominated for an Emmy!!!

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I can’t believe it! Last night I was nominated for an Emmy! I’m up for Outstanding Achievement in Magazine Programming!

Completely surprised and humbled! A huge, huge thank you to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the recognition.

The awards ceremony will be broadcast live Saturday, November 7 2015 at 7pm on CLTV in Chicago and WITI in Milwaukee. Live streaming will also be available at chicagoemmyonline.org.

Check out some of the pictures from the evening below!

New Freelance Gig

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So now that the contract has been officially signed, I can now announce that I will be working with the American Bar Association as their primary video production specialist. Producing, shooting and editing in-house videos. It will keep me busy but will allow me plenty of time to continue pursuing other freelance gigs as well as my work with See It Chicago.